Carol Pacey

St John's Church of England Primary School

"St Johns C of E Primary School has been exceedingly happy with SchoolMoney. With the brilliant support of your staff during the set up, the process was made easy. Our confidence has grown and if we ever have a problem we just get on the phone and you help us sort it."

Carly Baldwin

Featherby Junior School

"We are really loving the system and are so glad that we went cashless, our parents are also getting used to the school being cashless too. Any issues that arise are usually down to the parent not updating their details with the school."

Gillian Harrison

Manley Village School

"SchoolMoney has helped cut down the time spent counting money when I could be doing other work. It has also helped keep better records of who owes money to the school, enabling staff to send reminders to specific parents rather than a whole class or year group."


Brooke Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School

"The office staff can now do their allocated hours without claiming overtime. Cut down on wasted hours on collecting money, counting it, banking it and parents have become more efficient and reliable at booking meals in advance which means less wastage for our onsite kitchen. Having Breakfast Club online is also a massive improvement, last day of term was stressful as you could not finish on time, there would always be last minute bookings at the end of the school day. Now it's online parents can book when the school is closed over half term and I can pop in and print a list the day before we re-open. Your system is great for finance and audit accountability and also reduces the risk of fraud. SchoolMoney was the best choice we ever made! We always rave to other schools about it when we get the opportunity and have even demoed to 3 other schools."